Why You Should Audit Your Internal Recruiting Processes

When it comes to driver recruiting, does your team just ‘set it and forget it’? Are you leveraging the same strategic processes that you’ve been using for years simply because ‘this is how you’ve always done it’? What about making long-term strategic decisions based on ‘gut feeling’ rather than data and metrics?

If any of the above sounds familiar to your team, it’s time to take a step back. In a recent LinkedIn video, Wendy Bartz, CDL driver recruiting thought leader, discusses the importance of testing, rethinking, and auditing processes on an ongoing basis. Wendy makes the case that testing and trying out new ideas is critical – and that if you’re not testing, you could be missing opportunities to connect and engage with prospective drivers.

Tips for running an internal audit

If you’ve never taken the time to review your internal processes and technology, don’t worry! It’s easy to get started. At the very heart of any internal audit is testing. As Wendy says in her LinkedIn video, “Test, test, test!” It’s easy for recruiting workflows, technology, and even access links to become outdated or break over time.

Here are a couple more ways your team can start testing internal processes and run your own internal audit:

  • Build an internal review process into your team’s monthly routine. 

How are things running within the recruiting department? Where do your numbers stand for the month? What issues have come up, and what has been done to solve these problems?

  • Reach out to team members outside the recruiting department for their opinion and a fresh perspective on your workflows. 

What ideas can your sales, driver marketing, operations, and safety teams bring to the table? Or, ideally, what do the drivers themselves have to say? All of these departments can bring new ideas to the table and help your team develop a fresh perspective for driver recruiting. 

💡 For example, use DriverReach data to determine why drivers are not qualified or interested in working for your company. Are there patterns in the data that if we change a qualification or offering, you would attract more qualified drivers?

  • Test out all of your driver-facing access points. 

When was the last time you tested your application links? What about your call center round-robin functionality? If a driver calls looking for a specific recruiter, are they easily connected to this person? Test out these phone numbers, links, and other access points to make sure they’re going to the right place – after all, if a driver runs into an error during their application, the odds of them sticking around to try again are very low.


Better processes help you Win Them Over

Testing your internal workflows and auditing processes is essential because, at the end of the day, delivering the best possible driver experiences means that your entire organization can move forward successfully. As your team works through your internal audit, note where processes can be improved or optimized. Then, you can turn to modern solutions like DriverReach to help make these new strategic initiatives a reality.


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