Your VOE Plus How-To Guide (It’s EASY!)

As a driver recruiter, you have your fair share of tedious items on your to-do list. While many recruiters get into the industry because of the outgoing aspects of the job – engaging with drivers, communicating regularly, campaigning, etc. – there is also the slow back-and-forth that isn’t quite as exciting. One of the most time-consuming parts of the driver recruiter process is also the most tedious: verification of employment (VOE).

Verifying a driver’s previous employment is a necessary step to remain compliant in the driver hiring process. It’s also even more critical now with the addition of the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. Unfortunately, most VOE processes consist of filling out forms and faxing them out, and then often waiting days (or even weeks!) for these to be returned. This is especially true for inbound verification requests – after all, when a driver leaves for a competitor, is your priority really responding to those requests?

What Is VOE Plus?

At DriverReach, we’re working to deliver modern driver recruiting management solutions to recruiters to make it easier for them to automate processes, streamline workflows, and deliver incredible applicant experiences. As one of the most manual parts of the driver recruiting process, VOE is an area ripe for automation. That’s why we built VOE Plus, a streamlined way to redirect inbound employment requests and get paid for your work.

The VOE Plus How-To Guide – 3 EASY Steps

So how does VOE Plus work? Get ready to say goodbye to manual form fills and faxing back and forth: this is indeed the easiest way to secure and provide driver employment verifications out there.

Step 1: Add in your terminated driver records. Enter each terminated driver into the simple VOE Plus interface. Adding your previous drivers will populate the ever-growing VOE Plus database with that necessary information.

Step 2: Redirect requests. When employment verification requests come in, your team can quickly redirect these requests to the VOE Plus database. There are even email and fax templates available that explain how easy it is to retrieve those records in VOE Plus.

Step 3: Get paid! Yes, we were saving the best for last! Each time a company purchases a driver employment record that your team added to VOE Plus, you’ll get paid! This money can go directly to purchasing and verifying new driver records, or you can cash out straight from your VOE Plus portal.

And that’s it! Drivers are verified, compliant, and ready for the road. You’ve relieved yourself of the administrative burden of constantly responding to requests. Plus, you have a few extra dollars to work with.

Added benefits of VOE Plus

VOE Plus goes above and beyond just streamlining the employment verification process. With a focused solution that makes it easy to verify employment, your team can hire drivers faster. This means more drivers on the road with fewer stuck in VOE purgatory. DriverReach is dedicated to building cutting-edge solutions for driver recruiters, and VOE Plus is just one way we’re helping recruiters perform better. You can learn more about VOE Plus here.

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