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DriverReach Chats _ Steve Bryan, Entrepreneur and Founder of Vigillo

What's in store for the trucking and transportation industry?

The trucking industry is at a crossroads and, according to Steve, the events of 2020 have played a large part in where the industry will head next. In this edition of DriverReach Chats, DriverReach CEO and Founder Jeremy Reymer sat down with Steve Bryan, Entrepreneur and Founder of Vigillo, to discuss the opportunities and challenges in store for the trucking industry over the next few months.

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DriverReach Chats - Rodney Timms

What is A.T.T.A.C.A? And how can the trucking industry help raise awareness to protect America's children?

In this installment of DriverReach Chats, Jeremy Reymer was joined by Rodney Timms, Founder of A.T.T.A.C.A. Jeremy and Rodney discussed how the trucking industry can bring awareness to the issue of child abuse and how becoming a member can fund this very important issue. 

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DriverReach Chats - Don Lefeve
Could now be the best time for new CDL drivers to enter the industry and start a career? Would reducing the minimum driving age to 18 during this environment help to meet the demand for drivers?

In this installment of DriverReach Chats, Jeremy Reymer was joined by Don Lefeve, President & CEO of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA). They discussed the current environment of hiring drivers and whether reducing the minimum driving age could help meet demand. 

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Louie Greek
How can trucking companies and truck drivers play a pivotal role in ending human trafficking? 

Jeremy Reymer sat down with Louie Greek of Truckers Against Trafficking in this installment of DriverReach Chats to discuss how truckers and trucking companies can play a very important role in the fight against human trafficking.  

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DriverReach Chats - Brian Fielkow

"How Can Your Company Put This Crisis to Good Use?"

DriverReach Founder and CEO, Jeremy Reymer, sat down with industry thought leader, author, and Jetco Delivery CEO Brian Fielkow in this installment of DriverReach Chats to discuss leadership, company culture, and what long-haul truckers should keep in mind during the current COVID-19 crisis. 

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Bob Stanton

Have you wondered what it's like to be a truck driver during COVID-19?

In this installment of DriverReach Chats, Jeremy Reymer has a great conversation with Bob Stanton, Professional Truck Driver, where he shares some of the challenging scenarios he's faced with each day.

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DriverReach Chats - Leah Shaver

What impact does COVID-19 have on driver compensation?

In this second installment of DriverReach Chats, Jeremy connected with Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI). Leah provides her insights into how companies should think about driver compensation and she also shares research NTI has done to help companies make critical wage decisions during this current COVID-19 environment.  

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Introducing DriverReach Chats _ Featuring Rebecca Brewster, ATRI (1)

Will the driver shortage continue to be a top industry issue in 2020?

In our first installment of DriverReach Chats, Jeremy Reymer has a candid video chat with Rebecca Brewster, President and COO of the American Transportation Research Institute, to hear what she has to say on this timely topic – and many others. Subscribe to the DriverReach YouTube Channel and watch the conversation!

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