Built For CDL Recruiting

Many of the recruiting tools today are bloated with too many features, too generalized for our heavily regulated industry, or just too expensive to be a feasible option.

DriverReach was built from the ground up to fit the exact needs of CDL truck driver recruiting, without all the complexity of older, outdated systems. And it’s priced right to deliver value for even smaller mom and pop companies.

The 3 Key Elements Needed For Successful CDL Recruiting

Today’s CDL recruiting environment demands that you have a simple, streamlined and compliant process to recruit and hire drivers. There are 3 key elements you need to stay competitive.

Mobile-friendly and DOT-Compliant Online Driver Application

DriverReach DOT Application

Online Driver Application

The days of paper job applications and manually faxing documents back and forth are long over.

Most drivers won’t bother and you can’t be competitive in your recruiting efforts with manual, outdated and tedious processes like that.

Creating a smooth and easy application process for truck drivers is critical. Otherwise, they’ll simply give up and move on.

Top carriers know that an online truck driver application is necessary, but not all applications are created equal.

Frankly, most lack key features and are not designed for mobile, often leading to additional data entry later and driver frustration.

With DriverReach, you have your own mobile-friendly DOT-compliant application form to easily add your website, job ads, social media sites, anywhere you recruit drivers.

The step-by-step form collects all required information, including CDL license(s), driving schools, previous employers, accident history, traffic violations, MVR, criminal record and more.

Drivers love our easy to follow mobile-friendly application. Completed applications go right to your recruiter dashboard with all the required authorizations, releases and e-signatures.

Chaz Lancaster testimonial“What I love most about the DriverReach app is the simplicity of it. They send you what is needed, you confirm the details and sign with your touchscreen smartphone!”Chaz Lancaster | CDL Driver | Louisville, KY

Applicant Tracking and Workflow

DriverReach Applicant Workflow

Applicant Tracking

Not only does DriverReach give you a mobile-optimized online DOT application, you also enjoy a simple, affordable and world-class Applicant Tracking System, created specifically to effectively manage the complexities of CDL recruiting.

Say goodbye to the “feature bloat”, complexity and high cost of other out-dated products.

The simple workflow allows you to easily update and track candidates through the entire recruiting process.

Complete all the necessary employment verifications and background checks.

Communicate with truck driver applicants using our integrated email and SMS services, with the entire communication trail stored and visible in one place.

Manage and monitor the entire process all through one easy to use system.

No more spreadsheets…no more expensive, outdated software…and no more operating inefficiently with multiple systems.

Heather Hutchens testimonial “Drivers love the fact they can complete the application online with minimal time and I love that everything can be done in one place. I HIGHLY recommend this to any company!”Heather Hutchens | Safety Director | Austin Transportation | Daleville, IN

Follow-up Tasks and Communications

DriverReach CRM

Follow-up task

In CDL recruiting, every applicant is different. Some are fully qualified, verified, checked and ready to drive today!

Others aren’t even close. And there’s a thousand variations in between, each with their own timeline, needs, preferences and expectations.

Managing that workload and communicating effectively with applicants is critical. Just ONE missed communication or task can mean a lost driver.

DriverReach includes common CRM (contact relationship management) functionality to easily send email and SMS messages, schedule follow-up tasks and set automatic reminders. Record special notes and assign other internal team members.

And with at-a-glance awareness of the task feed on your dashboard, nothing falls through the cracks.

Regardless of your hiring volume, communicating with drivers and managing tasks in a timely manner is critical to staying ahead.

Trip Lane testimonial “Since we started using DriverReach across all of our offices, we’ve reduced time-to-hire from 2 weeks to 3-4 days and eliminated 4 hours per day of manual data entry.”Trip Lane | Director of Recruiting | Driving Ambition
More features so you can HIRE. BETTER. FASTER.
VOE Plus
Are you tired of responding to emails, faxes and phone calls from prospective employers trying to get past CDL driver employment verification information? Eliminate that costly chore and let us do it for FREE — and PAY YOU when others purchase your records. Discover VOE Plus »
Employment verification requests
Employment verification requests are sent automatically once applications are received, saving valuable time. Also send them manually with a click of a button. For receiving companies, our easy to use online verification form speeds response from previous employers.
Background checks
Save valuable time by running your applicant background checks directly within DriverReach. Reports for Criminal, CDLIS, MVR and PSP are delivered and stored in one place with all other applicant information, ensuring quick and easy access as well as DOT compliance.
Hiring profiles
No matter what kinds of CDL truck drivers you hire and in what geographic areas, you can create unlimited hiring profiles. Publish your DOT application links according to each profile. Assign different recruiters to each profile to route applications appropriately.
Application updates
If needed, recruiters easily modify DOT applications and fix errors, then send to drivers for quick online review and e-signature. No more wasted time emailing and faxing change approvals back and forth.
Lead reports
Stop wasting advertising dollars in places that aren’t working. With DriverReach lead source codes, you know what advertising channels are delivering the most leads. Plus, discover what channels send you the best leads with our pipeline reports showing hiring success for each channel.
Document storage
Easily upload, view and download applicant documents, forms, test results, etc. Have piece of mind and remain compliant with all critical recruiting documents stored safely in a centralized location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DriverReach help my company?
Like many companies, you may be struggling to effectively recruit and process CDL drivers. Our mobile-friendly DOT application, modern applicant tracking system and simple CRM tools help boost your qualified lead flow and optimize your entire recruiting process. Improve your “speed to hire” and win those new recruits with a system recruiters love.

How do I use the online truck driver application?
Simply grab your unique application link from your DriverReach Settings and add it to your website, in job ads, on Social Media – anywhere you recruit for drivers. Drivers follow the link and complete the easy, step-by-step form. If they don’t finish the first time, they can pick up later where they left off.

Do I receive a complete DOT application from drivers?
Yes! We created a beautiful, mobile-friendly DOT compliant online application so it’s easy for CDL truck drivers to fill out. Completed applications go right to your recruiter dashboard for review and processing. Along with a notification on your DriverReach recruiter dashboard, you receive an email each time a driver completes your application.

What if I already have an applicant tracking system?
No problem! While we think we have a compelling solution, we’re not necessarily looking to replace your existing system. In fact, we built DriverReach so that you can use it alongside your existing tools. DriverReach simply becomes another source for qualified CDL truck driver applicants.

In addition, check out our FREE VOE Plus service that actually takes employment verification requests of your plate, and pays you when your driver employment verification records are purchased by others.

How much does it cost my company to join?
You can join and try out DriverReach at absolutely no cost for 30 days! Once your free trial ends, simply select a membership plan that makes sense for your company, or choose to do nothing. If you don’t choose a plan, you still have access to any of your existing CDL truck driver applications, with limited functionality. Upgrade and downgrade as you wish. No hidden costs. No technical investment. No long term contracts.

Simple membership plans with no surprises
Join and try DriverReach free for a full 30 days. Once your free trial ends, simply select a membership plan that makes sense for your company, or choose to do nothing. Upgrade and downgrade at any time. No hidden costs or fees. No technical or hardware investment needed. No long term contracts to sign.

Yes, I want to try it out

Free to join and try for 30 days. No credit card required.

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