3 Powerful Ways to Use Mobile Technology to Improve Driver Recruiting in 2021

We’ve reached a point of no return when it comes to mobile technology. Smartphones are the new norm, and we’re all living in an ultra-connected, ultra-online society. For CDL truck drivers, their smartphones are often a go-to source for connecting with their families while on the road, staying on top of the news and current events, and touching base with their parent carrier organization. Today’s smartphones do it all, so it just makes sense for CDL recruiters to leverage this channel as well.

Mobile technology and driver recruiting

One of the reasons why there is such a stigma around driver recruiting processes being so slow is because, before this ultra-connected age, it did take a long time for drivers to work their way through the recruiting process simply because they had to wait until they were in a place where they could check their email, get online, or answer a phone. Now, drivers can do all of this from their trucks wherever they are, skimming literally weeks off of the recruiting process.

The technology is there, but now driver recruiters must be able to make this technology work for their goals, not against them. 

Here are three powerful ways your team can use mobile technology to improve driver recruiting in 2021:

  1. Optimize your applications for mobile

Job applications can be tedious, and CDL driver applications are no different. Because so many drivers are now accessing applications via their smartphone, make sure your application is easily accessible, readable, and renders correctly on mobile. When it comes time to fill out the application, make sure a driver can do this directly from their phone without having to download any documentation. And finally, set up an e-signature feature so drivers can submit applications with ease instead of having to print, sign, and scan their documents.

  1. Text applicants instead of calling or emailing them

Mobile technology also comes in handy during the follow-up and interview process. Traditionally, applicants are contacted via email if they’re moving forward to the next round. In this mobile-first world, however, texting has become the preferred communication channel for many, and recruiters across multiple industries are starting to take notice. Include a communication preferences question on your application and then text those who’ve indicated they’d prefer that format.

  1. Include video calls in your interview & adoption process

Mobile technology has definitely come in handy over the last few months as many industries transitioned to remote-first work, and this is no different in the trucking and logistics industry. Instead of trying to interview a driver in person or over the phone, set up a mobile video call for that face-to-face interaction. And, as your team is working to retain current drivers down the road, make sure you check in regularly via video call to maintain this human engagement. 

Take your recruiting process mobile with DriverReach

It can be hard to connect with drivers who are constantly on the road, but mobile technology is making it easier to reach your drivers wherever they are. By leveraging DriverReach’s suite of mobile-first recruiting solutions, your team can effectively break into the mobile recruiting space and deliver a better, more focused recruiting experience to your drivers. You can learn more here.

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