3 Reasons Why Mobile-First Driver Recruiting is a Must This Year

In 2022, CDL driver recruiters are searching for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and attract qualified driver applicants. From creative job postings to streamlined recruiting processes, driver recruiters leave nothing to chance. If your recruiting team is looking to kick driver recruiting up a notch in 2022, there is one secret weapon that you can’t afford to miss out on: mobile-first recruiting.

Modern drivers: the ultra-connected workforce

While CDL drivers are on the road, their smartphone is the one thing that keeps them connected to family, friends, and peers. Through video or voice calls, entertainment options like music or podcasts, and social media sites, modern drivers have become an ultra-connected workforce constantly exploring and finding new ways to connect.

To fully engage with these modern driver applicants, recruiters must optimize their recruiting processes to connect with drivers where they are spending the most time – their smartphones. To this end, here are three reasons why mobile-first recruiting is a must-have for any driver recruiting team in 2022 and beyond:

  1. More drivers are applying via mobile. One side effect of being on the road so often is the lack of access to a desktop or laptop computer. Instead, drivers have turned to their smartphones to apply to new positions, which means all driver applications should be fully optimized for mobile access, whether through a mobile browsing window or app. 
  2. Drivers would rather text than email back and forth. When they’re off the road, the last thing drivers want to do is scroll through emails and figure out which recruiting offers are worth their time. Instead of joining the ranks for recruiters fighting for space in an inbox, winning recruiters can text drivers directly, establish a conversation, and elicit the response they need.
  3. Video chats can provide a much-needed human touch to the recruiting process. While the digitization and automation of driver recruiting has been a boon for efficiency and allowing recruiters to get more done with less, it can sometimes turn the recruiting process into a stale, dispassionate slog. When video chats replace other forms of communication or engagement, drivers can receive a much-needed dose of face-to-face connection with a carrier they want to learn more about.


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