4 Tips to Better Connect with CDL Driver Candidates... Faster

In the recruiting world, quality is everything. Attracting higher quality applicants in the CDL driver space means your team doesn’t have to spread as wide as a net while setting the stage for long-term drivers on your team. Connecting with these quality applicants, however, can be tricky, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to truly stand out from the crowd, your team must be able to connect with higher-quality driver candidates without wasting precious time or resources.

Here are four ways your CDL driver recruiting team can better connect with driver candidates faster:

            1. Value your candidates time and efforts

Finding a new job can be tough. For CDL drivers, navigating the murky waters of the CDL recruiting industry can be even harder. When a driver takes the time out of his or her busy schedule to talk with your team, submit a form, or even fill out an application, they’re making your organization a priority. Your team can reciprocate this effort by guiding drivers through a streamlined, engaging recruiting experience. Don’t waste their time - ask thought-provoking questions and don’t leave them waiting for too long.

            2. Ask the right preliminary questions the right way

Many times, CDL driver recruiters miss out on some of the best candidates because they can’t tell if they’re actually interested in the position or not. This is one of the biggest flaws of the ‘traditional’ driver hiring process – the important questions are often not discussed until a candidate is too far down the recruiting process. To connect with drivers on a deeper, more personal level, connect with them early and often in the recruiting process. Leverage multiple channels (including text and even video chat) to set the tone of a personal, yet professional, recruiting process.

            3. Find the balance between automation and personalization

One of the best things about modern CDL driver recruiting is the plethora of digital-first tools and solutions that have emerged in the last few years that are specifically designed for the unique (and uniquely frustrating) trucking industry. Automating some of the ‘first touch’ communication your team sends out is a great way to immediately connect with drivers and get the conversation started. Just let automation take the place of human connectivity, as most CDL drivers are looking for a personal, human-first connection with a team when they have to decide whether or not to stick around.

           4. Understand what modern CDL driver applicants are looking for

Just because CDL truck drivers spend most of their lives on the road does not mean they are looking for a spotty, hands-off recruiting experience. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your team should be following up with driver candidates at every turn, checking in to see if they need help with forms or onboarding materials, and staying in constant contact throughout their tenure with your company. This not only gets new drivers through the recruiting process faster but helps ensure long-term retention as well.

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