10 Questions to Evaluate Your ATS Provider


As the trucking industry has changed over the last few years, CDL driver recruiting has shifted to keep up with this newly innovative landscape. This means that many CDL driver recruiters have turned to technology to improve their conversion rates, focus on driver satisfaction, and retain drivers longer. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are the ultimate tool for the modern driver recruiter to move drivers through the application process as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

While your recruiting team is most likely already utilizing an ATS to manage the driver recruiting process, do you know how effective your solution actually is? As the CDL trucking industry starts to regroup and rebuild after a rocky start to 2020, now is the time to ask the tough questions and evaluate your ATS provider.

Here are 10 questions to kick start your evaluation process:

1) How does this system handle mobile-first driver engagement? Drivers should be at the forefront of your recruiting process, and with more drivers connected than ever before, mobile engagement is key. Your ATS should be built from the ground up for mobile engagement and should be easily (and securely!) accessible by drivers.

2) What does the user interface (UI) look like for driver applicants? Better recruiting begins with a better applicant experience. This part of the process is about thinking through the application steps from a driver’s point of view. By cleaning the application process up to the least number of clicks and application fields, drivers will have a better, more optimized experience.

3) What types of auto-fill options are available? Whether they’re accessing your application from the road or their desktop, drivers are looking for a seamless, rapid application process. Look for an ATS with robust auto-fill options (single sign on, automatic form fills for returning applicants, etc.) to get drivers in and out faster.

4) Will this ATS help us attract and engage with more driver applicants? The right ATS isn’t just focused on moving drivers through the application process. It’s also going to help your team find and engage with more drivers before they’re even in your pipeline.

5) How do we engage drivers beyond the application? The modern CDL driver recruiting process goes beyond just the application process. Your ATS should have features in place to address driver retention and turnover, as well as engagement with your driver populations down the road.

6) How does this speed up the previous employment verification process? One of the most cumbersome parts of the CDL driver application process is the employment verification step, which can take weeks to confirm. Look for a modern driver ATS platform with a built-in component to seamlessly automate previous employment verification in minutes – not days.

7) What does the UI and experience look like for our internal team? While focusing on driver satisfaction is, of course, a high priority, your internal team is also using your ATS on a daily basis and should have a seamless experience as well. Your ATS should make it easy to find, follow-up with, and engage applicants without a ton of searching - all in a modern user interface.

8) How can we use the ATS’ and CRM’s features to better engage with applicants? Outside of the standard application process, your ATS should also have functionality that gives your team easy access to multiple channels of communication, including automated emails and text messages.

9) What types of reports and dashboards are available on this ATS? Modern driver recruiting has gone beyond ‘gut feeling’ and is now all about data. Your team needs to be able to make strategic decisions based on the data and metrics collected by your ATS, which means this data should be automatically recorded and extremely detailed.

10) How can this ATS solution help our team retain drivers throughout their working relationship with our company? The modern CDL trucking industry is ultra-competitive, and technology is making it possible for drivers and recruiters to efficiently move forward in their careers. Long-term retention and engagement should be one of the foundational elements of your ATS, alongside the application and onboarding features.

Are you ready to evaluate your current (or future) ATS? Download these questions with more details to see which ATS provider is right for you.

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