CDL Driver Recruiters: Here Are 4 Ways to Improve Speed-to-Hire

If there is one major challenge that keeps CDL driver recruiters up at night (especially in this current environment), it’s more than likely the dire need to keep trucks moving. There are still challenges hiring drivers and, even as demand is growing, carriers are struggling to keep trucks on the roads. If there is one bright light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, it’s that new technologies are joining the fray that make it easy for CDL driver recruiters to address and overcome these challenges without having to add new manual processes.

Digital innovation, automation, and solutions to increase efficiency are the secret weapons in the modern CDL driver recruiters tool box. 

Here are four solutions that are now critical to breaking through the competition and streamlining the recruiting process:

#1 – Your Website

When modern CDL drivers are searching for new opportunities, the first place they look is online. Your website is the first impression a new driver gets of your organization, your team, and the job itself. While having the right content on your website is a great first start, making sure this website is operating correctly and that it’s optimized for both mobile and on-the-go access is key. Applicants should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for, answer specific questions, and easily submit an online application without excessive click-throughs or any confusion.

#2 – An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

For today’s recruiters, tracking engagement with applicants can’t happen through spreadsheets or on paper. There are too many touchpoints, too many channels, and too many unknown variables to accurately track the entire recruiting process without the right tools. With an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), CDL driver recruiters can immediately see where a driver is in the recruiting process, what conversations have been had, what follow-up is required, and if there are any outstanding issues. Having this visibility and transparency into the process means drivers can move easily – and quickly – through the hiring process to get on the road faster.

#3 – A Customer (aka Driver) Success Platform

When most people hear the term CRM, they immediately think of sales functions or sales conversations. In many ways, however, CDL driver recruiting has more in common with sales than might be visible at first glance. With so much competition in the industry, CDL driver recruiters are literally selling their organization to drivers over other potential employers. Staying on top of driver activities and opportunities the way a salesperson would stay on top of sales processes ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

#4 – Automated Outbound Marketing Functionality

Another parallel between sales and recruiting is the need to establish consistent nurture programs for the customers (or drivers) that you’re trying to attract. Unfortunately, even the most well-thought-out nurture program won’t be successful if everything is manual. Just as the CDL industry has accepted industry-specific ATS and CRM solutions, there are also new marketing automation solutions built just for CDL driver recruiters that allow you to set up parameters and filters, build and send templates, and then visualize metrics on these campaigns to ensure your team is focusing on the right channels and messages.

Working Together to Streamline Driver Recruiting

On their own, these four technologies are great additions to any recruiting team, but they still might leave a gap or two unfilled. With all of these solutions working together, however, CDL driver recruiters can streamline the recruiting process, hire drivers faster, and increase current driver retention in the process. You can learn more about CDL driver recruiting technology here.

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