Building Your Modern Recruiting Tech Stack

The commercial trucking industry is in a state of flux. The extreme ups and downs of the past year have highlighted the importance and value of the trucking industry – and truck drivers themselves – in our national economy and supply chain. The industry has never been so ‘hot’ as a whole. However, this comes on top of a sharp re-focus on the driver shortage, however, as dozens of industries struggle to find qualified labor in this new market. The bottom line: driver recruiting is more critical now than ever, and recruiters need every single tool available to them to be successful.

Most organizations are probably already using a general CRM platform or two to get work done and track applicants when it comes to the recruiting tech stack. With such a massive focus on driver recruiting, however, carriers must focus on this area of their business and invest in recruiting-specific solutions. Whether you’re trying to get executive buy-in for new software or are trying to figure out the right recruiting management solution for your team, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Recruiting tools help move drivers through the recruiting process faster. 

Driver recruiters can no longer afford manual processes, single applicant follow-ups, and old-school pipeline management. With a recruiting-specific platform, recruiters can move more drivers through the recruiting process faster – and put more drivers on the road as a result.

  • The right platform can ensure you find quality candidates. 

Sure, the trucking industry is desperate for drivers. This doesn’t mean, however, that just anyone should be hired as a driver. With the right tools and solutions in your corner, recruiters can wade through the ‘noise’ to engage with and hire the most qualified drivers for the team.

  • A modern tech stack can deliver unique applicant experiences. 

Recruiting doesn’t just start with an application and end once a driver is hired. The driver recruiting experience includes everything from website research to ongoing retention efforts. Building a holistic recruiting tech stack – centered around a modern driver recruiting management solution – can ensure both your recruiters and other members of your organization are all working together to deliver fantastic driver experiences.

  • Recruiting solutions can optimize internal operations. 

Recruiters have a lot to deal with daily, and things are even more hectic at the moment. While some executives may think more tech investment will muddy the waters, the proper solutions can help alleviate some of this craziness. Streamlining and consolidating processes into a single recruiting-specific platform and then investing in additional tools to help complement these new processes can ensure your internal operations run smoothly.

The bottom line

It is always hard to build the perfect tech stack in any situation, and getting executive buy-in will be a sensitive subject to broach with your leadership team. By highlighting the value of your new platform and showing the importance of these tools within your larger leadership strategy, your team can confidently enter into these conversations with leadership – and deliver value to your drivers along the way.

New driver recruiting opportunities shouldn’t end just because a driver applicant is lost to a competitor. The industry is too fast-paced – and too connected – for these leads to be gone forever. Imagine a world where all of your lead engagement data is available in one place and where you can easily communicate with viable leads with the click of a button. This type of outreach strategy is available with DriverReach, the modern driver recruiting management solution.

You can learn more about DriverReach here.


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