Driver Recruiting Resolutions For 2022

Can you believe it’s 2022 already? On the one hand, many of us are more than ready to be done with the past year for many reasons. On the other hand, it’s incredible how quickly time is flying, especially if you have recruiting goals and KPIs to meet this year.

Whether you’re expecting 2022 to be more of the same or if you’re excited to try out new recruiting strategies and ideas, making resolutions for the new year can be a fun way to ensure you’re moving your recruiting operations in the right direction and delivering incredible driver-focused recruiting experiences.

Here are some driver recruiting resolutions to keep in mind for the upcoming year:

Only deliver driver-focused recruiting strategies this year. With the much-needed introduction of driver recruiting technology to many recruiting processes and strategies, some carriers are losing sight of the human drivers in the recruiting process. While technology is key to executing on these modern strategies, drivers (humans) must still be at the heart of every process your team implements this year.

Increase transparency and visibility during the driver recruiting process. Driver recruiting teams are working on a much tighter schedule, with more moving parts, than ever before to beat out the competition for qualified drivers. This means that critical information can sometimes slip through the cracks. By setting up a single source of truth for your entire recruiting team, whether through an ATS or CRM solution, all of your recruiters can be on the same page and deliver the same results – quickly and without error.

Automate and streamline cumbersome, out-of-date processes. The trucking industry is innovating and changing rapidly, which means some recruiting processes are struggling to keep up. Newer regulatory programs like the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse certification and Verification of Employment confirmation can’t be managed with old, out-of-date processes. Your internal teams must be ready to automate and streamline to keep up in 2022.

Get more drivers on the road – faster. The competition for qualified applicants is fiercer than ever, not just from the trucking industry. Driver recruiters are competing against hiring teams from across the spectrum, which means recruiting tactics need to be more creative and compelling than ever before. Make it a goal for 2022 to get more drivers on the road, and put the processes in place to optimize every single touchpoint to ensure your speed-to-hire is faster than ever. Your recruiters – and your drivers – will appreciate this focused approach to recruiting.


Ready to achieve your 2022 goals?

Identifying what you want to change and optimize this year can be a daunting task – and taking action on these resolutions can be even more overwhelming. With DriverReach, driver recruiters can identify areas of their recruiting process to focus on and then quickly take action to deliver a more streamlined, driver-focused recruiting experience. You can learn more about DriverReach here.


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