Driver Retention and the Value of DriverReach CRM

In today’s CDL trucking industry, drivers are the hottest, most in-demand commodity carriers possess. Faced with a very real shortage of qualified drivers, identifying strategies and solutions to increase driver retention is at the top of every success-minded carrier’s to-do list this year.

Focusing on driver retention

Just as salespeople say “it costs more to find a new client than to keep the ones you have,” driver recruiters live by the mantra that it costs more – in both human resources and capital – to hire a new driver than to retain your current drivers. Retention strategies become even more critical when faced with the fact that, because drivers are so in demand, drivers can be picky with where they take their talents. This means that drivers can (and will) leave a carrier position relatively quickly if they feel as though their talents and skills are not being adequately appreciated.

Simply put, it’s not uncommon for a driver to leave within a few months with a carrier. Unfortunately for recruiters, this presents a tricky problem. How are recruiters expected to be focusing on bringing in new qualified drivers if their attention is also required to help retain current drivers?

Why a driver retention-specific CRM platform is important

By adding an industry-specific CRM platform to your arsenal, companies can empower CDL recruiters and driver managers to seamlessly manage all aspects of driver recruiting and retention. With the DriverReach platform, carriers are armed with powerful tools to take a proactive approach to driver retention to keep qualified drivers on the road and satisfied with their position at the company.

DriverReach enables companies to successfully reduce driver turnover by:

  • Mapping out the entire driver lifecycle from application to retention to build a holistic, comprehensive story that can be shared with drivers.
  • Optimizing the driver experience with things like automated communication, a mobile-first interface, and personalized outreach.
  • Combining industry-leading digital tools and functionality with personal, relationship-focused human engagement.
  • Identifying instances and drivers who may require more engagement and then delivering the right message to these drivers to keep them happy and on the road.
  • Focusing on what drivers want by asking them to provide feedback, referrals, and ideas to keep the driver experience fresh and exciting.

The DriverReach CRM platform is also ideal for companies looking to focus heavily on driver retention within the first few months of a new driver onboarding. By housing all new driver recruiting and post-onboarding retention efforts in a single platform, companies can easily transition a new driver from recruiting to retention with little to no impact on the driver. DriverReach CRM provides the foundation to deliver a singularly focused driver lifecycle to all new drivers and long-term employees.

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