How DriverReach Can Support Third-Party Recruiting Teams

Over the last few years, it has become prevalent to hire contract workers and talent for different organizational roles. Whether hiring out financial operations or marketing efforts, many organizations decide to hire third-party contractors to keep overhead and operating expenses low while still hitting maximum output thresholds.

What are Third-Party Recruiters?

In the world of CDL driver recruiting, third-party contractors are found most often on recruiting teams. Some carriers may choose to contract out all of their recruiting operations to a third-party or supplement their existing recruiting operations with some extra labor. Third-party recruiting operations are a popular choice for smaller or family-operated carriers who want to find and hire the most qualified drivers without raising their corporate headcount.

However, it is not uncommon for there to be some level of confusion when dealing with a third-party. It can be hard to get your messaging and core values across to drivers when they are talking to third-party recruiters. In the modern CDL era where every single driver is so precious – and when many of these drivers are looking for a personal relationship with their prospective employer – making sure your third-party recruiters are on the same page as your internal team is critical.

How can DriverReach support third-party recruiting teams?

While DriverReach is not a third-party recruiting operation, the driver recruiting management and compliance platform helps company and third-party recruiters perform at a higher level. DriverReach helps provide a much-needed communication bridge between corporate HR teams and third-party recruiters by serving as the single source of truth for all of an organization’s recruiting information.

With internal HR leaders and recruiters and third-party recruiting operations updating DriverReach with notes, timelines, and next steps around prospective and current driver engagement, recruiters can be sure they see the most up-to-date information for every single driver. They can access information regardless of whether it was an internal or external recruiter who last spoke with the driver.

Instead of operating as a recruiter, DriverReach is the modern recruiting platform for internal recruiting and third-party teams. Carrier HR teams can work closely with third-party recruiters, giving them access to some of the tools and resources they need to be even more successful at reaching top-tier drivers. With so much competition in the industry, carriers who are leveraging third-party recruiting services can maximize their success with the addition of DriverReach.

Want to learn more?

DriverReach is the key to optimizing CDL driver recruiting operations whether you’re a carrier organization or a third-party recruiting team. You can learn more about adding DriverReach as an extension of your recruiting processes to help optimize operations here.

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