How to Write Compelling CDL Driver Job Postings That Actually Convert

Recruiters in the CDL industry have a lot on their plates. From attracting the right drivers to nurturing candidates through the application process to actually keeping these drivers happy enough to be long-term drivers, recruiting can be a bumpy road. None of this matters, however, if your driver leads aren’t actually converting. Your team might have the best, most straightforward application and interview process possible, but unless drivers are actually clicking that ‘Apply Now’ button on your website, it could all be for naught.

So how can you drive better conversions? It all starts with compelling, engaging content. While crafting the perfect job description should let candidates know what to expect in the position, it’s also about selling a driver on your company. Recruiting CDL drivers in the modern age of the driver shortage is all about this sales mentality, and writing a compelling job posting can be compared to the marketing stage of the sales cycle. Just as a sales prospect would engage with content before requesting a demo, drivers also want to engage with some sort of compelling content before they actually apply. If conversions are your end goal, you’re going to have to give drivers something creative to entice them into taking this step.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing compelling, engaging copy:

Think about what you would want to see. This is a go-to trick for content marketers because it’s always easier to sell something (be it a product or a new job opportunity) if you put yourself in your audience’s position. What would you be looking for in a new company? What are some of the keywords, benefits, and phrases that would spark your interest? Writing with your audience in mind will help you create personal, more human-focused job postings.   

Images, videos, and pictures are your friend. If you give a driver the choice between reading a lengthy job description and watching a video testimonial from a current driver, the video will win a majority of the time. Images, videos, and pictures can help break up the monotony of your posts and, again, give a personal look into the day-to-day life of current employees.

Know your audience. CDL drivers are a very specific audience, and recruiters must be sure to tailor content and job postings to this niche group. Use industry-specific phrases, don’t be shy about putting it all out there, and don’t bury the lede. Potential drivers want to know what your company can bring to the table right away, so don’t be shy about talking about benefits, compensation, and other value-drivers in frank terms.

Have a clear CTA. As any good salesperson or marketer would tell you, you have to be clear if you want people to take action. If you want people to apply, tell them how. Have a clearly designed button on your job posting with the right language (Apply Now, Click Here, etc.) to get people to take action. It's a good idea to test button text to make sure you use the most effective language for your audience.

The next time you’re writing a CDL driver job description (or if you’ve decided to give your current postings a modern facelift), tackle the process from a marketer’s perspective. With creative, compelling content that drivers actually want to read, you’ll be able to convert more applicants and increase your new driver funnel.

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