Increase Driver Applicants with DriverReach's Single Sign-on

When it comes to finding and hiring new drivers, the DOT application process is notoriously slow.

Sometimes it feels as though the entire industry is stuck in the past, and these lengthy processes can be detrimental for both recruiters and drivers alike.

On the recruiting side, traditional applications take forever and can leave trucks sitting vacant for longer than is necessary. For drivers, it can mean weeks without a job and plenty of technical frustration. For CDL recruiters to truly grow their networks and find the best candidates, innovative technology is the key.

DriverReach, the modern answer to driver recruiting management, is working to change this traditionally tired process with the help of technology.


We’re happy to introduce DriverReach Single Sign-on (SSO) – the fastest way to get drivers into your system and through the recruiting process. With SSO, it’s easy for drivers to apply with one click using their Google or Facebook account. 

Together, Google and Facebook have over 2 billion subscribers, making it easy to assume a majority of drivers have an account with at least one of the platforms. With SSO, instead of having to fill out all application information manually, drivers can simply use their Google or Facebook login data to get a headstart on the “quick apply” form or the DOT application.

Get Drivers Into Your Funnel Even Faster
While most driver applications are extremely long and cumbersome, DriverReach SSO allows drivers to quickly access the DriverReach DOT application with minimal steps. Because the platform integrates directly with Google and Facebook, drivers don’t have to create a new password or username – everything is already connected and ready to use on the back-end. DriverReach SSO gets drivers into your recruiting funnel faster, where the best-in-class recruiting technology helps move them through the process. The DriverReach DOT application is mobile-optimized, making it easy for drivers to complete from their smartphone.

DriverReach SSO functionality is just the first step in the driver recruiting process. Once drivers are in the recruiting funnel, DriverReach’s best of class communication tools and workflows enable driver recruiters to qualify drivers efficiently, dramatically improving their speed-to-hire.

The candidate’s experience is also much improved with the streamlined process. With so much competition in the marketplace, it’s critical for recruiters to pay close attention to applicant satisfaction and experience. Recruiters can increase the flow of qualified applicants, and drivers can spend less time waiting on application results – it’s a win-win for both parties.

Stay Ahead of the Recruiting Curve
As a CDL recruiter, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. Empty trucks are painful, and the only way to get trucks out on the road is by recruiting qualified drivers. At DriverReach, we’re committed to delivering the best driver recruiting management system on the market, starting with the driver sign-on workflow. From streamlined application management solutions to engaging communication tools, the DriverReach platform was built with both the recruiter and applicant in mind, meaning every step of the process is easy and straightforward allowing for the best experience. Best of all, recruiters can leverage backend analytics and reporting to quickly see where processes are working and where they could use some fine-tuning.


You can use DriverReach analytics to track specific lead sources, compare the output and performance of each step in your hiring process, and optimize the costs associated with the recruiting process. Instead of focusing on areas that might be of interest, recruiters can easily identify exactly where their time is most needed. The comprehensive DriverReach platform helps recruiters streamline processes and operational workflows for maximum productivity. With applicant SSO, another step in the process is automated and optimized for a truly seamless recruiting experience.  

Take the first step towards delivering the ultimate applicant experience with DriverReach SSO. Learn more today by requesting your personal demo of DriverReach now.



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