Introducing “Taking the Hire Road” Podcast

Over the past few years, DriverReach – the modern solution for truck driver recruiting, compliance, and retention – has worked hard to develop a vast library of thought leadership, content, and resources for CDL driver recruiters.

Scalable driver recruiting and retention strategies are a foundational need of any carrier who wants to be successful in both the short and long term, and DriverReach is working to lead the charge on recruiting and retention education.

That’s why we’re excited and proud to announce the new DriverReach podcast, Taking the Hire Road. Hosted by DriverReach Founder and CEO Jeremy Reymer, each episode of Taking the Hire Road will feature industry experts and thought leaders discussing the biggest challenges facing the industry - driver recruiting and retention.

On the first episode of Taking the Hire Road, Jeremy sat down with Max Farrell, Co-Founder and CEO of Workhound, the industry-leading platform for driver feedback. Max – a veteran guest of our DriverReach chats series – joined Jeremy to talk about the lasting effects of 2020 on how driver feedback is managed, industry predictions for 2021, and driver-first retention strategies your team can implement this year. You can watch the entire first episode of Taking the Hire Road here.

Taking the Hire Road is produced in partnership with FreightWaves, a leading provider of trucking and logistics news, media, and analytics. You can listen to the first episode at and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts to gain immediate access to new episodes as they are released.

In a recent press release announcing the new podcast, FreightWaves’ Strategic Executive Producer Anthony Smith discussed how this new podcast will help close the gap in driver recruiting and retention education that is so critical to the trucking industry – a gap that Jeremy and the DriverReach team have been working diligently to address.

“[DriverReach] brings an experienced and trustworthy voice to this space, and we’re excited to partner with [the team] to bring thought leadership and innovation to these topics,” said Anthony.

New episodes of Taking the Hire Road will be released bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. If you have any questions you would like to hear discussed on the podcast or guest interview suggestions, email You can also check out all Taking the Hire Road podcast episodes and stay up to date on podcast information here.

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