Now More Than Ever, Driver Recruiters Need To Be Taking These 3 Actions

The world of CDL driver recruiting isn’t always as black-and-white as it seems. But nothing could have prepared us for the COVID-19 crisis we are now facing. The entire globe is laser-focused on overcoming this pandemic – and all eyes are on the supply chain to help meet even our most basic needs.  

Driver recruiters have the unimaginable challenge of keeping their trucks moving amidst the pandemic – as well as the driver shortage. With this in mind, the DriverReach team compiled our top tips for how CDL driver recruiters can tighten and optimize the hiring and retention efforts, even when working remotely. 

Action #1: Listen to your drivers! Your current drivers are the foremost experts on your internal recruiting and retention processes because, after all, they have been through it before. Ask them what they think, what your team is doing right, and where there are areas of opportunity. The most important thing to remember, however, is that when you ask for feedback, you actually have to do something about it. Asking drivers for feedback is a necessary, relatively painless way to get to the heart of some of CDL recruiting’s biggest challenges.

Action #2: Mobile-first recruiting is a must. CDL drivers are incredibly mobile (more so than other industries) and they need an employment application that takes their needs into account. Instead of sending drivers to complicated applications that require tons of answers, signatures, or saving, build a mobile-first application process that takes advantage of tech-first functionality like e-signatures, text messages, and easy submission. Now more than ever, you need to move drivers through the application pipeline as quickly and efficiently as possible. There isn’t a single minute to waste. 

Action #3: Don’t wait to follow up. Recruiting CDL drivers isn’t the time to play hard to get. It’s the time to get drivers on the phone (or video chat, or in a text message conversation) as fast as possible. The problem is that many CDL driver recruiters are still lagging when it comes to the follow-up process. There are two key technologies that can help with this problem. The first, an Applicant Tracking System, allows all of your recruiters to keep tabs on applicants, where they are in the recruiting process, and what the next steps are for each applicant. And the second, a marketing automation platform, can help automate and expedite follow-up communications to keep applicants on track and in your trucks to help our supply chain recover as soon as possible. 

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