Ready for 2022? Your New Year Driver Recruiting Checklist

2022 is HERE, which means CDL driver recruiters need to focus on their recruiting strategies for this year. While the driver shortage and ongoing hiring difficulties are still challenges for many recruiters, there are plenty of creative, proactive ways to take action instead of sitting back and hoping a few applicants may trickle through the pipeline.

Here are a few quick tips and tricks to update your driver recruiting process to attract new, top tier driving talent:

  • Refresh your brand’s social media profiles. Over the last year or so, potential drivers (and potential workers in every industry) have become much more discerning about the companies they work for because they can be. Step up your social media game by posting more about your brand culture and values. Update the ‘About Us’ page on your website to focus more on how drivers can expect to be treated at your organization.
  • Make your application more driver-friendly. CDL drivers are constantly on the road, which means your application should be as mobile-optimized as they are (or more!). Eliminate unnecessary steps such as printing out or uploading anything. Be sure your application is easy – and secure – to submit from anywhere.
  • Optimize accessibility. While recruiting a mobile workforce may seem daunting, it is possible by making things accessible to your drivers, wherever they are. This means more than just the application itself:
    • Make your social profiles easy to find.
    • Place the ‘Apply Now’ button front and center on your website.
    • Take advantage of other channels such as online forums or podcast/radio ads to attract as many drivers as possible.
  • Turn to automation to do more with less. One of the cardinal rules of modern driver recruiting is speed-to-hire, and with so much to do at any given moment, the only way recruiters can increase speed-to-hire is to turn to automation. Leverage email and text templates, note formats, and more to ensure drivers don’t slip through the cracks without a touchpoint.
  • Ask for feedback and then put it into action. The ideal recruiting process in 2022 is one that is proactive, digital-first, and flexible. Asking your prospective and current drivers what they are looking for in a modern recruiting experience – and then delivering on these asks – is key to keeping your recruiting workflow fresh, pleasing, and driver-first.


Ready to get started?

Building the perfect driver application and recruiting process for 2022 takes more than just auditing your internal processes. Finding the perfect combination of operational excellence, the right technology, and driver-focused engagement can take your recruiting to the next level. 

With DriverReach, your team can provide the streamlined, efficient recruiting process drivers are looking for. You can learn more about DriverReach’s modern recruiting and compliance management platform here.


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