Ready For New Driver Recruiting Software? Here’s How to Get Your Executive Team on Board.

For many driver recruiting teams, the last year and a half exposed various challenges – and opportunities – when it comes to finding, hiring, and retaining CDL drivers. While this newfound visibility led to many changes in processes, workflows, and project plans, it also highlighted gaps that can be filled with the right technology.

Driver recruiting software (like any technology) is a corporate investment that, while it may require a significant lift initially, can pay off in spades if used correctly. Although many on-the-ground recruiters instantly see the value of such a platform, ‘selling’ this technology to your executive decision-makers can be critical.

If you’re gearing up to talk to executives about a new driver recruiting platform, here are a couple of benefits that are sure to help sway their decision:

  • Modern applicant tracking systems help get new drivers on the road faster. Driver recruiting software is all about efficiency, and the correct solution can dramatically improve speed-to-hire. Streamlining internal processes can help get new drivers on the road faster, without the manual lift.
  • With a new communication channel, you can reach drivers where and when they want to engage. Email outreach to applicants is a great start, but it’s not always the most effective or engaging channel. Modern driver recruiting platforms offer a full suite of outbound channel options, from email to text to voice and video calls, so you can reach drivers where and how they prefer.
  • The emergence of automated nurture programs to reach out to drivers on a steady cadence. Sometimes, all it takes is the correct number of touchpoints to keep your team top-of-mind with drivers. Instead of manually sending an outbound message every few days, your team can use automated nurture programs to send messages to drivers on a steady cadence.
  • A more driver-centric recruiting process from start to finish. Driver recruiting is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ process. Every driver is unique, which means every application process will be just as different. With the right technology in place, your team can quickly adapt and be more flexible with your recruiting options, giving every driver the same recruiting experience he or she is expecting.
  • Holistic outreach solutions for both driver recruiting and driver retention. Driver recruiting doesn’t end when a driver gets into the truck, and driver recruiting technology shouldn’t stop here either. Keeping your current drivers happy and on the road is half the battle, and modern driver recruiting software can also help tackle this side of the business.

Ready to take the next step?

As we head into Q4, now is the perfect time to start thinking about new software investments for 2022. Whether you’re looking for a specific recruiting solution or want to revitalize your driver recruiting program, DriverReach has the features you’re looking for. Our team of experts can also help your team develop a buy-in presentation for executive decision-makers. 

Ready to get started?


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