SPOOF: Recruiting CDL drivers today

We had a blast recording this video, even though it pokes fun at some of the outdated, inefficient hiring processes many companies are putting CDL driver applicants through.

As we have conversation with many carriers across the nation, it is evident that most of them aren't focused on the quality of the experience they're providing the driver applicant.

They aren't making it as easy as possible for the driver to get into their pipeline.  And worse, they aren't using some of the simplest communication tools (text, for example) to reach those drivers how they want to be reached.

That's why we built DriverReach - to help companies increase their pipeline of applicants by providing them with a driver recruiting management system that streamlines their process so they can Hire. Better. Faster.

We hope you enjoy the SPOOF! 

Hint: Keep your eyes "glued" to the mustache

For more information about DriverReach, click here to request a demo.


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