Upcoming Webinar: "Does Human Trafficking Make You Sick? Here's How You Can Help

In early 2018, a bill was passed appointing a representative from the Department of Transportation to spearhead human trafficking prevention efforts across the country.Since then, the DOT has been working closely with nonprofit organization Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to develop long-term programs and mobilize the industry as a whole for the cause. The DOT-led committee held its first meeting in Dec. 2018 and brought together members of TAT and law enforcement agencies to discuss best practices and tactical strategies to help truckers become more informed and responsible on the road.

Because of the frequent routes and stops a driver makes during their time on the road, they are excellent resources to help inform and take action against human trafficking. The sad truth of the matter is that truck stops, rest areas, and other remote areas are often areas of sex trafficking because there isn’t anything else around – and because of the predominantly male leaning of the trucking industry in general.  

As the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways, truck drivers are in a unique position to make a difference and close loopholes to traffickers who seek to exploit our transportation system for their personal gain. 

Our upcoming webinar, presented by Louie Greek, Training Specialist with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), will inform members of the trucking industry and other travelers of the basic issues involved in human trafficking, signs to recognize, and a summary of ways YOU can help save lives. By attending, you will: 

  • Become informed on the issue of human trafficking taking place along our roadways
  • Learn ways you can help combat this issue 
  • Get certified as a Trucker Against Trafficking

Title: “Does Human Trafficking Make You Sick? Here’s How You Can Help”

Date: Tuesday, October 15th 

Time: 2pm EDT

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