Your 2022 Driver Recruiting Mid-Year Check-Up

While it is tough to believe, we are nearly halfway through 2022. If your recruiting year has been full of ups and downs, don't worry – there's still time to right the ship. Or, perhaps you are part of a team that doesn't even really know how it's doing and therefore cannot put strategies in place for improvement. Either way, now is the perfect time to assess your current recruiting strategies and processes and update.

Here are a few 2022 mid-year CDL driver recruiting check-up questions to ask:

__ How is your team performing YTD against your recruiting benchmarks? The first step in your mid-year check-up is to assess where your current recruiting metrics are in comparison to the benchmarks and goals you have in place for the year. Are you right on track to hit your goals? If you're falling behind, take a look at specific areas of opportunity to get started.

__ What do driver retention rates look like this year compared to past years? While the last few years have been a crazy time for employee retention for all industries, it's been even more volatile in the trucking industry. If more drivers are leaving than ever before, it's time to start talking to your drivers to get to the bottom of any root issues.

__ Have you reviewed your driver feedback yet this year? Driver feedback is another great place to look for ways to improve your recruiting processes in the second half of 2022. What have your drivers been saying so far this year? Has their feedback changed at all over the last year or two years? What are some new ideas they may have to help fill your process gaps?

__ What is one new process or strategic decision you've implemented this year? A mid-year check-up is also a great time to celebrate your team's success thus far. Make a list of new processes, strategic decisions, or innovations your team has implemented this year. Which is the most impactful to drivers? Which is most impactful to the bottom line of your business? Which are you most proud of as a recruiting team? These are all areas that should be celebrated – even if there is still plenty of innovation left for the year.


Optimize the rest of your 2022 with DriverReach

Even though it feels like 2022 is moving faster than ever, there is still time to achieve your driver recruiting goals this year. Instead of throwing new ideas at the wall hoping something sticks, take a proactive approach to your driver recruiting strategy. DriverReach can help your team uncover new ways to take a driver-focused approach to recruiting and provide your team's tools to put these plans into action. 


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