How to Build the Ideal Driver’s Journey Using Your ATS

Over the past few years, CDL driver recruiters have started taking a driver-first approach to building processes and workflows for both drivers and internal team members. As more and more teams turn to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s) to optimize this modern approach to recruiting, it’s become easier than ever to put new ideas and strategies into play.

Whether you’re setting out to revolutionize your driver recruiting strategy or if you’re looking for new ways to step up your recruiting operations, starting with the ideal driver journey is the perfect stepping stone. By breaking down your processes into the different elements of the driver journey, you can set up your ATS features to directly impact each step. 

Here are three ways you can leverage your ATS to build the ideal driver journey:

#1 - Start at the beginning by optimizing the applicant experience.

There are two things you never get back: Time and first impressions. First impressions are everything, and this is especially true in the recruiting world. Make sure your ATS is working for your drivers and not against them by optimizing the applicant experience from the very beginning. Your ATS should be able to:

  • Deliver an easily accessible, streamlined application to drivers wherever they are.
  • Optimize the entire application process for mobile and smartphone access.
  • Leverage single sign-on capabilities to make it easy for drivers to pick up an application where they left off.
  • Automate steps in the process for more efficient internal operations.

#2 - Make the recruiting and onboarding stages as seamless as possible.

One of the biggest benefits of leveraging an ATS is to automate and streamline operations where possible. While things like verification of previous employment, driver follow-up and interviews, Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse queries, and electronic document sharing may have taken weeks to manage in the past, high-performance ATS’s can make it easy to do all of this and more.

#3 - Foster loyal long-term driver relationships with technology.

The applicant experience doesn’t end once a driver is on the road. In what is becoming an increasingly competitive industry, establishing loyal relationships with drivers and keeping them around is so important. With the right ATS, you can leverage technology and schedule check-ins with drivers to ensure good sentiment. Your team can also track on-road data, tenure milestones, and professional development checklists to ensure drivers are receiving the attention they need and deserve. With the right ATS, you can also record and share notes on each driver to ensure nothing slips through the cracks between conversations.

Ready to get started?

Your high-performance ATS can do much more than just track the status of drivers during the application process. DriverReach is the CDL industry specific ATS build for modern recruiting teams. With a full suite of products and features designed to impact every single stage of the driver journey, your team can optimize operations and meet your recruiting goals in 2021. You can learn more and get started here.

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