Is It Time for a New ATS? Here’s What You Need to Know

For most recruiters, regardless of industry, finding and hiring new employees is all about finding the right people and helping to guide them throughout the application, recruiting, and hiring process. In CDL driver recruiting, keeping tabs on potential new drivers is key to ensure they don’t end up with a competitor, which makes tracking and managing this process so much more critical.

This is where an ATS comes in. Applicant Tracking Systems are a modern recruiter’s all-in-one solution for managing the entire recruiting process from an applicant’s first click on a job posting to long-term retention. Because an ATS is such an integral part of the CDL driver recruiting process both on the driver side and the recruiter, having the right solution in place for your team is key. In a recent article on LinkedIn, recruiting professionals credit a good ATS as one of the main reasons companies are able to find and hire the right talent.

Deciding whether your team needs a new ATS – and then actually deciding what this ATS will look like – can be a daunting undertaking for any recruiting team. Here are a few reasons your team might need to start looking for a new Applicant Tracking System:

  1. Applicants aren’t sticking around. When it comes to recruiting CDL drivers, applicant experience is everything. And, simply put, there is just too much competition in the industry for drivers to put up with a bad candidate experience. If your current ATS adds a few too many clicks-throughs to an application, requires multiple sign-ins, or doesn’t support mobile access, then it’s time to looks somewhere else.
  2. Your system is lacking in automation. The CDL trucking industry is finally making its way into the modern era, and CDL driver recruiting is leading the way. In 2020, CDL driver recruiters should not be wasting time on medial, manual tasks that could easily be automated. The right ATS solution increases the efficiency of a recruiting team from automating everything from initial touchpoint emails to applicant announcements to employment verification. 
  3. There is an evident lack of transparency in your workflows. In the recruiting world, every day is different and there are hundreds of moving parts. It can be incredibly easy for something – or someone – to slip through the cracks. If your ATS is leading to these communication breakdowns instead of helping to overcome them, you’ll know it’s time for a new solution.

If you’re in the market for a new ATS, keep these features in mind while doing your research:

  1. A single source of truth all of your recruiters – and drivers – trust to provide visibility into where drivers are throughout the recruiting process.
  2. Easy integrations with other solutions that make it easy to upload applications to job sites, contact new applicants, and keep current drivers compliant.
  3. A driver (and recruiter!) focused platform that puts the needs and preferences of people ahead of flashy add-ons or workflows.

Your new ATS could be closer than you think. DriverReach is the modern answer to CDL driver recruiting. With Applicant Tracking, CRM capabilities, compliance management, and employment verification in a single platform, DriverReach helps streamline every single facet of the driver recruitment process. See if DriverReach is right for your organization by requesting your personal walkthrough of the platform here

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