So You Want to Improve Your Speed-to-Hire? Start Here First.

As a CDL driver recruiter, you know firsthand the challenges of finding qualified candidates to fill open positions. The ongoing driver shortage means that carriers are under pressure to get trucks on the road as quickly as possible, and that means streamlining the CDL driver application process to find the best candidates as efficiently as possible. In this article, we'll explore three strategies for optimizing speed-to-hire in CDL driver recruitment.

#1: Attract the Right Candidates

One of the most significant barriers to speed-to-hire is a lack of available candidates. To overcome this, it's crucial to have access to a deep pool of talent and to make your company stand out in a crowded market.

To attract more resumes and more drivers, focus on your online job posting, application page, and position messaging. Make sure to highlight the benefits of working for your company and the opportunities for advancement. Additionally, maintain a strong online presence on social media, forums, message boards, and review sites to keep potential driver applicants up-to-date on open jobs and aware of your brand.

#2: Create Modern, Streamlined Internal Processes

Once applications start coming in, it's essential to streamline the hiring process to move candidates through the recruitment process as efficiently as possible. To do this, consider implementing modern solutions like CRM (customer relationship management) and applicant tracking systems to manage communications to your driver leads. These technologies can help automate the post-application process, allowing you to follow-up with candidates via email, text, or video chat and move driver candidates through the hiring process more quickly.

#3: Provide a Better Driver Candidate Experience Post-Application

To optimize speed-to-hire, it's crucial to focus on the candidate experience. Make sure to streamline internal processes and use technology to automate tasks, reducing the time it takes to move candidates through the recruitment process. Every single decision CDL recruiters make, from what technology to use to how to manage the previous employment verification process, should be with the end goal of getting drivers through this process and on the road faster.

By implementing these strategies, CDL driver recruiters can find and hire top talent more efficiently, helping carriers get trucks on the road faster and stay competitive in the market.


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