4 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Driver Recruiting Approach

For many CDL driver recruiters, the last year and a half has been a whirlwind of the same old thing: supply is up, the demand for qualified drivers is up, but the drivers still aren’t easy to find and hire. With so many industries struggling to hire qualified workers, the trucking industry now has more competitors for labor – making the recruiting process more critical than ever.

These new issues have prompted many driver recruiters to re-think their recruiting approach for a more modern, driver-centric recruiting process. Here are some easy ways your team can modernize your driver recruiting approach this year:

  1. Implement driver-first technology: Now is the time to re-think your driver-facing technology used during your recruiting process. Optimizing your online application, website, and even your job postings on third-party sites is a great place to start. Additionally, look internally at your processes and workflows to ensure recruiters can easily engage and communicate with drivers, so no applicants slip through the cracks.
  2. Automate tedious parts of recruiting, like employment verification: Instead of putting a driver’s application on hold for days (or even weeks!), look for modern driver employment databases that allow your team to quickly access a driver’s employment history and verify with just one click.
  3. Connect with drivers through multiple channels: Sure, emails and phone calls are tried-and-true outreach methods, but modern drivers require modern channels. Start texting drivers in the early stages of recruitment for a higher response rate, and then leverage video calls later on for face-to-face engagement.
  4. Set up automated nurture campaigns: Sometimes, all it takes is a well-planned message at the right time to get through to a new driver. Instead of manually emailing drivers over and over again, modern recruiters can take advantage of nurture (also known as drip marketing) campaigns to steadily communicate with drivers. Once they take action, they will move out of the drip campaign to your more personalized outreach process.

Take the modern road to driver recruiting with DriverReach

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