Why Speed to Hire Needs to Be One of Your Most Important Driver Recruiting Metrics

In the world of truck driver recruiting, there is no shortage of important metrics. Trying to find and hire more than 60,000 drivers is no small feat, but tracking and managing processes with data and metrics makes it possible. As recruiters works to attract new drivers, there is one metric that should stand out above the rest: speed to hire.

How many times have you been talking to a great candidate, only to find out halfway through the application process that they’ve been hired on by someone else? This loss is often because your hiring process is too slow and inefficient. In extremely competitive markets, such as CDL driving, speed to hire can be a deciding factor in whether or not you can fill the void.

As you start tracking speed to hire metrics, you’ll be able to identify trends and benchmarks in the data. These trends will help build a holistic picture of the recruiting landscape and how potential driver candidates fit into the grand scheme. Additionally, you will be able to adjust and make changes based on data, not just gut feelings.

While speed to hire is an incredibly important metric to track, it’s also crucial to realize that speed to hire is not the same as time to fill. While time to fill can influence speed to hire, it’s just one part of an increasingly complex initiative. You should never hire someone simply to fill a void and bump up your time to fill column. Instead, recruiters should try to move the right candidates along the application process as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize any risk of losing them.

Tips for increasing speed to hire

So how can you increase speed to hire without skimping on quality? Here are a few tips:

1. Streamline your application

Take a look at your current application. If it’s taking drivers days (or even hours) to get through the questions because they have to print off PDFs and scan in signatures, then you’re wasting both driver applicants' time and your own. Also, if you're fielding a lot of calls from drivers reaching out with questions about how to apply, this should be a red flag. Take a step back and completely review your application process from start to finish so qualified driver leads can quickly apply and get the ball rolling.

2. Say hello to modern follow-ups

Playing phone tag or sending multiple follow-up emails can drag out speed to hire indefinitely. Instead, try a modern follow-up option that begs for a response: text message. Texting drivers in the early stages of post-application communication almost guarantees a response and can get critical appointments on the calendar earlier. By texting candidates, you can bypass the back-and-forth, increasing speed to hire in the process. Even better, look for ways to automate these communications so that you can act faster on every lead that comes in. The DriverReach platform offers powerful autoresponders so that every single application you receive can automatically receive an immediate email or text thank you.

3. Use an automated employment verification system

One of the most cumbersome aspects of CDL driver recruiting is the verification of previous employment. In many cases, this necessary process can take weeks. Instead of keeping drivers on edge waiting for records and results, turn to automated employment verification solutions, which leverage a secure, real-time database of CDL driver employment data to get results immediately.  

Relying on powerful data and metrics to make business decisions is the only way modern CDL driver recruiters will be able to hit their lofty recruiting goals in the years to come. Tracking speed to hire is the best way to ensure qualified candidates don’t slip through the cracks. With DriverReach, you can track metrics, visualize driver lifecycles, and improve the application process. Learn more by requesting your personal consultation here.


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